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Ms. Lorraine

Hi, I'm Lorraine Zajac, a longtime homeschool mom (10+ years) and STEM enthusiast and educator.

My STEM adventures began 6 years ago facilitating LEGO robotics/ engineering summer camps and after-school programs.

The past year, I have recently transitioned to introducing students to the emerging technology of 3D Printing and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) through summer camps, workshops, and virtual online classes.

I believe all students are innovators and through my classes and interactions with them, I encourage them to embrace STEM (Science, Technology & Math) concepts to solve real-world problems.

Join me as I empower your students to use this technology to change the world and their lives through incorporating resilience, problem-solving, creativity, and thinking outside the box. 

Kids Can CAD

Mr. Miko

Hi, I’m Miko Borra, a junior architectural engineering student at Texas A&M University.


I discovered the world of 3D Modeling during my high school years, when I learned about a free online program called Sketchup.


When I had time to spare away from my academic, sports, and social life, I would model random buildings throughout my hometown, Chicago, using Sketchup. 


Ever since then I’ve realized how useful the skill of 3D modeling is. Architects, scientists, and almost any engineering related industry use a variety of 3D modeling programs.


I believe younger students will find the world of 3D modeling to be just as fun and useful as I have.

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