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Kids Can CAD Academy was born in 2017 in a community just north of Austin, TX. Our Founder, Jenny Lineberger – a civil engineer/adjunct professor, and mother of three – was looking to enroll her kids in a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) summer camp program.  After checking with all the nearby school districts, she wasn’t able to find any summer camps for school-age kids, that offered computer drafting, 3d modeling, or 3d printing.  She saw how much fun her kids had at home designing in 3d, so she decided to start a CAD academy for kids in their school district. 


We are now a passionate team of engineers and educators who believe that awesome technology education should be available to kids in all school districts. 


  • Help children develop the skills they need to become problem solvers.     

  • Teach children 21st-century skills to prepare them to meet workforce demands.


Our goal is to bring our program to students everywhere, no matter their race, gender, or economic status. 

We work with The STEM Success Foundation, a non-profit organization, to offer scholarships, free workshops, and donate 3d printers to local public libraries. 

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