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STEM Homeschool Co-op Classes

Introducing a new and exciting addition to the Kids Can CAD Academy course line-up.

Elevate your Homeschool co-op STEM course selection by adding an Intro to CAD 3D design & 3D printing course as an elective option. A no-hassle, plug and go option for homeschool co-op students nationwide.

This course encourages and strengthens the use of creative design, problem-solving, time management, critical thinking, and engineering skills.

Students get to learn, share, encourage, design and engineer their bi-weekly projects as well as a final group project all directed by a parent facilitator.

Our Intro to CAD course is a video/internet-based course that is a great option for any group of students (K-8) to learn basic 3D modeling/designing as well as the basics of 3D printing. The 16 lesson course, complete with student workbook & final project is customizable to any co-op or group schedule.

Contact our Homeschool Coordinator and get your co-op/group of students registered.

For questions or more details click the link below.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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