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Thank you for your interest in Kids Can CAD Academy for your Homeschool Co-op STEAM curriculum needs.

Just press PLAY, and let the video lessons guide you and your students through 16 weeks of 3D Design & 3D Printing FUN! 

Kids Can CAD is a revolutionary K-8 classroom experience that exposes students to the emerging technology of 3D design (CAD) and 3D printing.


Through our STEAM-based curriculum, students gain valuable technical skills, experience hands-on project-based learning and walk away from the course with tangible skills applicable in many disciplines and career fields. This introductory course will spark the imagination of future engineers and designers.


Let’s imagine, design and create something together!

Kids Can CAD intro course
Kids Can CAD



Any K-8 student with a passion for designing, building, working with computers, or engineering. The typical student is comfortable in a classroom setting, navigating with a computer mouse and able to follow instructions from a teacher/guide. The video-based course and online TinkerCAD platform are intuitive and students pick up the navigating skills fairly quickly. As most learning platforms, the more time spent practicing will yield better mastery.

For more details and to set up a consultation, contact our Homeschool Coordinator


Lorraine Zajac @ 713-927-0551


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