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All About Dinosaurs

Hello dinosaurs fans!!!

This week the spotlight is on our 'All About Dinosaurs', online, 3D design course. This engaging course would be a great addition to distance learning or simply a fun course to keep your students busy and stimulated this summer.

What better way to learn about dinosaurs than to 3D model and 3D print your very own set. Click the link to get started

Explore these prehistoric creatures in this six week, 3D design course. Each week learn about a new dinosaur with corresponding fact sheets and use design prompts to design, in CAD, a dinosaur in every lesson.

This course can be used independently or pair it with your own homeschool unit study to transport your students into a comprehensive discovery of dinosaurs exploding with fun.

A homeschool unit study is where you take a specific topic and use that theme to incorporate as many subjects as possible, such as art, math, science and many fun activities. It is an immersive experience. Dinosaurs make a great, interactive topic. So here are some tips to help this topic come to life for you and your students.

How to create a robust unit study of dinosaurs your students are sure to love:

1. Gather a list of online documentaries/ and educational shows

  • Search video streaming platforms for your desired topic: Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu for fun dinosaur documentaries or shows. These are used to add informative and fun programming. Documentaries are a great tool to have on those slow days or something to watch during lunch or downtimes.

  • Look at any educational subscriptions you may have to find content about subject matter. Some of these may be BrainPop, Curiosity Stream, PBSkids, DiscoveryKids etc.

2. Next, check out Teacher Pay Teacher (TPT) for any related materials. TPT has a collection of free resources for all grades, and topics. If TPT is not your speed, consider doing a google search for “free” worksheets/ lapbooks pertaining to your topic.

3. Visit Pinterest to create an “Interest Board”. Creating a board is a great way to organize related games, activities, and project ideas. Granted you may not use them all but having a large collection to choose from is inspiring and can help get your creative juices flowing.

4. Look around in your home for related items such as books, puzzles, board games that you could tie into the subject matter. If your collection is lacking, try visiting a Goodwill or any resale shop to see if they have any fun items you can pick up. The dollar store is also a good resource for cheap and easy projects, workbooks, coordinating tattoos, and even coloring books. Borrowing items from other families or friends is also a great way to extend your collection.

5. Lastly, the best part is adding in fun field trips or museum visits. Search your city’s Groupon site for discounts to related museums, art exhibits, restaurants that tie into your theme. Also look for local or close by theme parks, amusement parks.

If you are close to the Austin area consider some of these great dinosaur related field trips:

  • The Dino Park, Cedar Creek, TX

  • Dinosaur Tracks, Leander, TX

  • The Texas Memorial Museum @UT, Austin, TX

  • Austin Nature & Science Museum Dino Pit, Austin, TX

  • Champion Park in Cedar Park, TX

We hope that our STEM All About Dinosaur 3D modeling course will inspire you and your students to take a trip back in time to the land of these amazing creatures. Come design and create some EPIC prehistoric creatures with Kids Can CAD.

To register for this 'All About Dinosaurs' course and see our addition listing of current classes and other programs visit

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