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Kids Can CAD Academy's Mission

It is the mission of Kids Can CAD Academy to introduce students of all backgrounds, learning styles, education levels and abilities to the wonderful world of 3D design and 3D printing. We believe that through CAD (Computer Aided Design) students can learn useful skills such as:

  • Critical Thinking

  • Problem Solving

  • Time management

  • Project management

  • 3D Spatial awareness

  • Creativity

  • Math/Geometry

  • Teamwork and many more social skills from working in a group/team

Not only are these skills valuable to learn in school, but they are also transferable, portable and useful as students move on to higher education institutions and career paths.

How We Serve the Community

As part of our outreach, we are spreading the word about 3D design and 3D printing and its availability and relativity for all students. Kids Can CAD makes learning this technology accessible to all communities. Most workshops take place at various public libraries and are open to all students in the areas.

In addition, as a further effort to make 3D printers accessible to more students, Kids Can CAD has partnered with STEAM Success Foundation to donate 3D printers to local public libraries.


To the Georgetown Public Library in Georgetown, TX as the first recipient of a FREE donated 3D printer courtesy of Kids Can CAD Academy and the STEAM Success Foundation. Having a printer at the local library provides direct access to 3D printing to members of Georgetown and the surrounding areas. We are so excited to see what your students create.

3d Printer donation at Georgetown, TX, Public Library

Visit and follow our Kids Can CAD Academy facebook page to keep up to date on upcoming events, workshops and classes.

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